About the Neighborhood

This is the web site for the Villanova Neighborhood in St. Louis, Missouri.  This subdivision is located southwest of Downtown at the edge of the City Limits and Unincorporated St. Louis County.  Shrewsbury and the Village of Mackenzie also border the neighborhood.  The layout of the neighborhood actually straddles both sides of the City/County border resulting in a somewhat unique jurisdictional anomaly.  We like to think it’s where the City and County peacefully coexist together!

The Villanova Subdivision was developed in 1946 by Ernest L. Kime, president of Kime Construction Company and Walter R. Livengood who operated a real estate company under his name.   In its  present day form, it comprises over 100 single family homes,  a few multi-family dwellings facing Mackenzie Road, the businesses in Villanova Plaza, and several commercial properties facing Watson Road.  Prior to its subdivision and development in the 1940’s, the area was predominately a privately owned horse pasture.

The name Villanova and the associated street names were chosen to provoke a high-class connotation.  Kingwood Drive was originally platted as Livengood Drive, but the name was later changed.